Festivals and Events

Most of the festivals are based on the Islamic lunar calendar and the timing of the events varies from year to year.

Ramadan, strictly observed in the Maldives, the month of fasting from sunrise to the sunset plus the renouncing of all worldly pleasure. The working hours are shorter as well but the resort life remains unaffected.

Kuda Eid to celebrate at the end Ramadan.

Eid UlAla falls after the Hajj pilgrimage in the Islamic calendar and celebration continues for 5 to 7 days.

Mohamed's Birthday on the 12th day of Rabee Ul Awwal in the Islamic calendar.

Indipendence day, 26-27 July, marks the Maldivians independence day from the Briton.

Republic day, 11 November, commemorate the day of change from a Sultanate rule to an elected president.

Islamic New Year.

New Year's Day.